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Jordan Schevené

Jordan Schevené

Jordan is an award winning documentary filmmaker with over ten years of professional experience. He masterfuly uses the complex and technical aspects of filmmaking to weave meaningful stories that move audiences. He works on both short form promotional videos for the web and long form documentaries using reality to tell archetypal stories. His professionalism, flexibility, and excellent people skills make him a pleasure to work with. His eye for beauty combined with his technical expertise produce top quality work.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jordan through the Boulder SBDC. Jordan combines his discerning eye for design and art with great communication skills to deliver high quality video for his clients. He is soft spoken and a great listener which results in a product that captures the essence of his subjects. I would highly recommend Jordan.”

Charles Hunker Consultant, Boulder SBDC

I worked with Jordan to produce three videos for Rocky Mountain Institute in a very short timeline. He did his research and knew the background of our brand and organization—he was able to jump in right away, understood the story we wanted to tell, and had great conversations with the interviewees to get the right footage. Jordan was very accommodating, a great collaborator, and was able to back up his work and explain the reasoning behind his story and editing choices during critique from the “many cooks in the kitchen.” The videos he produced became our most-viewed videos on youtube. He did such a great job that we have hired him for additional video editing jobs. When he left, it felt like a team member was missing!”

Carrie Jordan, Rocky Mountain Institute

Thank you so much for your partnership in the Heart and Soul process. You made a totally killer film that is incredibly heart opening that will serve this project in innumerable ways. This film is essential to a successful outcome. Thank you so much for giving a voice to the project and valley. It has truly been a pleasure working with you.”

Alexis & Elaine, Orton Foundation North Fork Heart and Soul